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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Easy Day

When I receive a kit to create something, I expect, especially when the kit is kind of expensive, to have all the correct pieces to complete said project. I've heard horror stories from fellow quilters who haven't received all the necessary fabrics or pieces to complete the project they purchased. This is very sad.

This kit was lacking just a bit. The fabrics that came with the kit were cut a tad too slim. I made due, as always, and with all the quilting I put into it yesterday, I made it work out okay.

New Cedar Chest Topper
I put this on the cedar chest downstairs in the new bedroom. It looks great!

Before blogging today, I rummaged around in my projects bag to see what I felt like doing. Nothing big today (again) as I'm still not 100%, despite having a rather slow day yesterday. The middle kid is home from work today with a flu bug, and I'm sure we have a touch of it around here as well because all three of us are rather sluggish and lethargic.

Despite this, Jim and Caleb just went to go pick up the new car. I didn't feel like saying goodbye to yet another vehicle this year (truck and Jeep both within three months). It's stupid, I know. I get attached to inanimate objects. But, it's something from my past, that I have the inability to shake, despite my having tried over the years to rid myself of. Ahh....ghosts.

Which, by the way, is the name (I think) for our new car. Since it's white, and Wendy suggested Casper, I think we'll just call it Ghost.  The ghost of Christmas past, present, and the future.

So, about the easiest thing in my projects bag is a scissors cover pattern I found from our UFO auction. It would be an easy and fun project for the day. It sounds like just the ticket and not too taxing for a rather muddled and fuzzy brain.

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