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Thursday, December 3, 2015

We Have Heat!

Yesterday was another very interrupted day. We were dealing with the heat issue most of the morning with little success. While I was on again, off again, needed to run fix-it interference, I got these little guys Jim and I made this year, out onto the front porch.

Ho, ho, ho!
Jim, at last, relegated the heating/plumbing snafu to a professional plumber. Once Jim took off for work, I started long arming (finally). As I was getting into my groove, said plumber showed up and I had to assist him (to make sure there was no leaking of both air and water).


It's done!!!!!!!

Christmas Triangles Completed!
Here's some of the quilting detail (and now you know why it took so darn long).

Christmas Triangles Corner Detail
Basically, right after I completed the quilt, I had to get the wall hanging on DW. It's a set you know?

Christmas Wall Hanging
I'll work on that most of this morning. It shouldn't take too awful long.

The other thing I worked on (between Jim running around bleeding the radiators in each of the rooms) was getting this little lady pinned and ready to get underneath Mike.

Getting ready to quilt and detail out
I wanted to actually do this piece under DW but it's really too small to get between the leaders. I could have used an extended piece of backing to get in on there, but I the way yesterday worked out it was easier to occupy my time just doing it this way.

And, it didn't phase me the past three days exactly what month we are (already) in. I would like to fit in some BOM's today, but we'll see?!?

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