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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Half-Way Day

I started in the studio making some scissor covers for my Karen Kay Buckley scissors. When the boys got home with Ghost, our new Jeep Patriot, they decided they wanted to run errands and go out for lunch.

We never returned home until 4:00! The little kid has a new iPhone 6, we have food in the house again, I have enough material to finish Arcadia Avenue at our winter quilt camp, and Applebee's for lunch was a great idea.

I finished the scissor covers (no pic...sorry), and I rummaged through my projects bag once again. Nothing struck me yesterday afternoon until I happened to look at my fabric shelves. I forgot I put the fabrics mom picked out for Farm Girl Vintage up there, along with the book to do the blocks. Just the ticket!

Here are the first two blocks completed last night before MSU was killed by Iowa in B-Ball.

Apron Strings and Autumn Star
The example quilt was set in white. I have boys. Boys are messy and not the cleanest of creatures. White is not good with boys. I'm going to set mine in black (big surprise, huh?). Black and boys go together much better.

It doesn't look like these fabrics play well together, does it? I trust my mom and her color sense, and of course, these are only the first two blocks of the 49 I'll be doing. I have to remember to give it some time to see how they all work together instead of looking at them as separate entities.

I'll long arm a bit today and see where the rest of the day heads. Maybe some more on Farm Girl or...we'll just have to wait and see.

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