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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Positive Comments

While I didn't actually do any quilting yesterday, I did talk about it quite a bit to those many folks who flocked to our house to play games, eat, share, and laugh...a lot!

The Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer quilt (which is now hanging in the kitchen for the holidays) was overwhelmingly received. Everybody, (and I mean even Jim's 87 year old aunt) thought it was cute as the dickens.

Many of the folks wandered into the studio to get a closer look at the quilt on the frame. Nearly the whole family has green blood running through its veins and a few requests were made for a quilt like this for themselves. Unfortunately, many of them are not willing to relinquish t-shirts they still wear to be made into a quilt, so nothing will probably come of those comments.

I have a massive headache today since I didn't drink nearly enough water yesterday. Being busy chasing around a 15 month old (or at least keeping an eye on her the whole time) and tending to the older folks' needs for coffee, napkins, silverware, and all other party necessities, kept me from grabbing my water glass as much as I should have.

It was a wonderful time, and we cherish each and every year we are able to get together to make even more memories. We missed those that weren't able to come, but they were in our thoughts often. Hopefully, next year, they will be able to flex their schedules/circumstances to be able to share this family once again.

I'm going to fill my water cup up and put it right next to my long arm. DW and I are going to spend most of today together and I need to get rehydrated. Lily is already asleep on her blanket waiting for me to resume some normalcy into our lives (she was banished to doggie prison for most of yesterday), so away we go with Christmas music on Pandora and the studio lights shining bright.

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