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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 3

This is my third day working diligently (or as much as possible) on our Christmas quilt. I feel like it's never going to get done and my mind says it's time to work on something else.

It was nearly 8:00 last night before I shut down and with the lack of sleep the previous evening, I'm surprised I made it that long.

We had a lot of activity around the place yesterday, but I did actually get some quilting done so I have no room to grouse.

While I was long arming last night, Jim was downstairs working on the drywall. He was just about done and then I noticed a flurry of activity up and down the stairs. When I finally investigated said activity, I found my husband in a sea of towels, water, and anxiety.

He hit the copper piping that goes into our heating unit (which is a boiler system with water and everything) with one of his drywall screws. Yep, he punctured it and now we have no heat.

He had to take today off to deal with this. I hope he knows what he's doing. From what I can ascertain after checking in this morning, it looks more like the Bisquick and Duct Tape approach to fixing the problem, but hey, what do I know? I'm not a construction person. Let's just hope for heat and completion of this darn quilt!


  1. Don't feel too bad about your Christmas quilt seeming to take forever... I'm in the same situation with Chris' quilt - have been hoping to have it done in time to bring to meeting tomorrow night, but didn't get off to a good start this morning. Will post details in my blog later today sometime. Hope Jim gets the pipe fixed and you have heat SOON! :)