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Friday, December 4, 2015

Errand Day.

The little kid has to go to the dentist today. I have to run to get him (since he's still without license). I'm going to do errands while I'm out and about which means, very little time in here until later tonight.

After showing my quilt last night (and the ensemble that goes with it), I realized this morning I did not make pillow cases to match. The spring/summer ones WILL NOT work. I'm going to have to pick up fabric today to make it all look festive.

April was looming hats last night at our meeting. It was very intriguing to me since I'm inept at both knitting and crochet. I checked out some youtube videos this morning about this loom thing and this may be something I can actually do. Kathy said there was a set of looms at our local discount store and I think maybe that will be stop #1.

Stop #2. Get the kiddo.

Stop #3 is to B, B, and B to pick up a new fitted sheet for our bed since ours is losing its elastic. Sure wish I could make these instead.

Stop #4. Best Buy. Gotta pick up Jim's birthday present.

Stop #5. Credit Union. Must deposit check received for Margaret's three quilts.

Stop #6. The Hen House to pick up some festive fabric to do those darn pillow cases...which I'll do when I finally get back home.

There are a few other stops in there, but I won't bother.

Here's the wall hanging that goes with the Christmas Triangles quilt.

Christmas Wall Hanging
I also finished this piece yesterday. Well...almost. There is one little finishing touch I need to add but that's one of the unmentionable stops from above.

After finishing grandma yesterday, and before going to guild, I started working on my Craftsy BOM. This is our last "class" were we start putting all the beautiful blocks together. Here's the center section.

Center Medallion
This pic turned out blurry (???) but you get the idea. These fabrics are so very striking!

On to my errands.

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