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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Potato Chips

I found yesterday, when working on Farm Girl Vintage, that it's like eating potato chips. It's hard to stop after just one.

I long armed on Stitcher's Garden in the morning and then worked on what I had planned would be only a few blocks on Farm Girl Vintage in the afternoon.

Six blocks later I finally left the studio; it was around 8:00. It's so much fun!

Every block is different and I don't get bored. Each block presents challenges and yet are easy enough you don't want to throw your hands up and go screaming and running into the night.

Baby Chick, Baking Day, and Butter Churn
Here are the first three I did before even taking my afternoon break around 3:30. I was still pleasantly pleased with the fun I was having and started in with some more.

Canning Season, Churn Dash, and Chicken Foot
Mom's colors are starting to pull together well. I have a total of eight blocks out of the 49 I plan to do. Usually about this time into a quilt I start looking forward to the half-way mark because I'm already ready to move on to another project. Not so much here. Hurray!

The big football game (MSU vs Alabama) is on tonight, which is good. I won't get to spend any time in here during the daytime hours. I have to return the little kid back to school so he can get ready to leave for Australia on the 2nd. I have a dentist appointment in the afternoon, and then I have errands to run both before and after all of these daytime interruptions.

During the game, which I WILL NOT watch (I'm bad luck to the team when I do), I'll be in here amusing myself while Jim is amusing himself in front of the TV. Ben is still sick meaning they won't be coming out to watch with dad. I'll have to remember to stick my head in the family room once in a while to say "hi" and make sure he knows I'm supporting the team I guess.

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