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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pillow Day

Since I don't have the backing to quilt Andrew's t-shirt quilt yet, I thought I had better do something else productive towards the Christmas season. I made a pillow out of the left over block with an envelope back (for ease of laundering) since the pillow is mostly white.

Andrew's Throw Pillow to match his quilt.
After the pillow was completed, I continued on with my Craftsy BOM for 2015. All that's left to do is get the outside borders on.
Night Stars
I love this top so far. The colors are amazing and I can't wait to see how the instructor suggests to quilt this piece out.

Prior to working on either of those projects, I actually did this little thing for Jim's upcoming birthday. He needed a new snuggle pillow (his current one is yuck!) and Jim prefers gifts he can use. I wanted to bury this in my blog in case he actually starts to read the thing.

Jim's birthday pillow
Today I'll work on Arcadia Avenue. I have to check my FB messenger page to see if Wendy is planning on getting that quilt on DW. If she's not going to any time soon, I'm planning on loading Stitcher's Garden. The kids are planning on coming out Friday night for our DeGroot Christmas celebration on Saturday and the top is (once again) hanging out on their bed waiting to get finished.

Mom and I were supposed to head to Marshall today, but after talking with her on the phone already this morning, we decided to postpone the trip, which means I have all day in here to work! Happy dance!

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