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Monday, December 14, 2015

I Love Dismal Weather

I don't feel guilty while working in here when the weather is as dismal as it is this morning. It feels more like spring out there with temps hovering near 60 degrees. Cloudy. Rainy. Windy. Hurray!

And, I'm one of those (weird) people who like cloudy days. 

Yesterday, despite having a raging headache, I got a little over half of Andrew's quilt done. I pooped out early (around 6:30) because of said headache, but I was happy with what was accomplished. 

However, it didn't start out well. At all!

This is not good
The first spartan head set into the quilt had to be ripped out. The bobbins I got from a secondary source weren't actually the correct diameter; by a mere 1/100th of an inch. I could not get a good tension with them and the results are above. They float too willingly within the bobbin case and my $15 was a waste. Lesson learned.

"What's with the orange yarn?" my husband asks.

Marking my motifs
I use this obnoxious orange yarn to let me know the parameters of my motif. It's so I don't quilt through them and go around them instead.

I'll continue quilting this morning. At some point (probably after lunch) I have to pause in my quilting to work on an apron for my DIL. She has one on her Christmas list and during lunch yesterday, watched a video on how to make one with pockets, ties, and an adjustable neck piece. 

Jim and I picked out some cute fabrics from my stash. I need to get both of these projects done prior to Saturday, because that's when they are expected to arrive and stay through until Christmas. 

I need to get on-line and order one more item before starting. Happy dismal weather day!

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  1. oh ohhhhhhhhhh on the bobbin issue :(. I'm glad you found the problem right at the beginning and not halfway into the quilting. Working on an apron here, too; just got so hungry that I was almost HANGRY - not a good thing, so I thought I'd better find SOMETHING to eat.