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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


What we do for our friends! I love, love, love doing things for my friends. Wendy came over last night and we loaded her Twirly quilt onto DW to get it layered. I (eventually) convinced her to at least let me baste her quilt down with thread, rather then her trying to pin the whole thing down (which would have taken A LOT longer).

Her quilt should turn out beautifully!

Before, and after, Jim and I went out and did a little impromptu Christmas shopping, I worked on the last Arcadia Avenue Hexagon block. It's still in pieces waiting for me to put together, but this is where I ended last night around 10:00.

The 12th Arcadia Avenue Block (not yet together)
I'll fashion that into something more beautiful this morning, and then I'm not sure what direction I'm headed. I want to leave DW alone until I can get Andrew's backing fabric picked up tomorrow so nothing there today.

We have the guild Christmas party tomorrow night, and except for wrapping the few "prizes" I picked up, everything else is pretty much done.

I also have Stitcher's Garden class tomorrow afternoon. Again, except for getting everything into the car, I'm pretty much done there as well. Oh, I have to find my circular tool/foot for Laura because we are doing circular work this week. I wonder where that went to???

I could start working on finishing these two BOM tops, but then where do I put them when I get them done? I have enough piling up in the closet to finish and I think they're just fine where they are for now. Ahhh...what a conundrum.

Maybe something small for today? No. I should NOT start anything new. Hey, I know. I can work on my last two blocks of my string quilt, AND, I can work on my selvedge blocks too. Yeah! Now we have a plan for today.

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