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Friday, December 11, 2015

Merry Holidays

Our guild Christmas party was a huge hit! We had so much fun last night despite my lack of sleep and I was surprised at just how energized I became being around these amazing people.

Here's what I completed yesterday in class before our party.

Block #3
After our class, Margaret had some shopping to do at Meijer and I had to grab that backing fabric for Andrew's quilt. Sometime today between cooking and cleaning I have to get this loaded. I want it out of the way prior to everybody showing up tonight and tomorrow, but finding a "manly-man" fabric was becoming kind of difficult.

I check in Portland and didn't find anything there. I checked at B's and found something I kind of liked, but the touch of the fabric was not very inviting. I want it soft and pliable; not stiff and crisp. It's a t-shirt quilt and already has that extra layer of stabilizer in it so adding to the bulk was not my idea of a cuddly quilt.

Here's the backing fabric I found at, yes, (once again), The Hen House.

Backing with the top
It's a small, random, slightly steel grey, checked print. Very soft. Very Andrew. Very cool with the top!

The bummer about it is that the quilting will really show through the back since I plan on quilting it in a dark green. Wait, now that I think about it, why don't I quilt it in a medium grey? I'm going to have to run some colors to see what would be best.

I don't really want that dark green throughout the t-shirts (since they are the focal point). Yet, I don't want to take away from the frames around the t-shirts themselves. I think the white print throughout the frame fabric will facilitate the medium grey better then a white would. The t-shirts are well loved and worn, so they aren't really all that white anymore anyway.

Time to audition some thread I think. Either way, I plan on embedding some random "S's" and spartan heads throughout and then meander something around those. The quilting should look nice regardless, and I hope Andrew forgives me for trying a more "freeing" method of quilting since I seem to be so rigid in my quilting of late. I need to loosen up (according to all the latest videos I've watched).

This is about all the quilting I'll do today. People coming. House to clean. Goodies to bake.

Oh, one other thing. My license plate is on order for Penny. It'll be here around Christmas and it's going on a Michigan State University license plate with the spartan head on the left hand side. When somebody yells "Go Green" somebody else will respond "Go White". My license plate is going to say:


Cool, huh?

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