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Thursday, November 19, 2015

You'd Think I'd Learn

Have we seen something like this before?

Despite my having measured (twice), I came up short on the #$%^&*( fabric. UGH!!! I think I lost some of this after washing. So frustrating!

Pinning the batting/top back to prepare for unloading.

Unloading carefully.

Adding the new backing piece on.


Making sure it's going to work this time.
And here's the two year project finally finished! It was worth it. The quilt is large and will keep Jim and I warm and cheerful during the doldrum months of January through March. This is Celtic Solstice done in the colors of Ireland. I quilted clovers all over the top to tie in with the theme.

Celtic Solstice Completed!
This was finally completed yesterday afternoon. Afterward, I moved along to putting my Christmas triangle rows together since I need my design wall for Andrew's t-shirt quilt design. Or...maybe I'll take it to sew-in tomorrow. AND... plans for Saturday (both of them) have fallen through (thanks to the snow we're supposed to get) so I get to attend sew-in BOTH days!!!!!! So happy!!!!!! With lots of floor space to work with and an encouraging group of ladies to assist, I think working on the t-shirt quilt there seems like the right thing to do.

I have three quilt tops coming later this morning for quilting. These are due the week before Christmas and so I'll load one of those next onto DW.

And from now on, (note to self), measure the backing fabric one more time after pre-washing!

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  1. Yep, been there, been short on backing TWICE myself. Hopefully, we've both learned not to let that happen again.

    YAY! on being there for both sew in days this weekend :)