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Friday, November 20, 2015

Fri, Fri, Friday!

Sew-In Day!

I love sew-in day. It would actually be easier for me to just stay here and sew without having to lug everything to a new sewing place, but the friendships and bonding with all the other ladies is definitely priceless and so worth the effort!!!!

Here I am this morning getting ready.

Sew-In Project for today
As much as I really want to attend tomorrows sew-in, it probably won't happen. The weather is totally influencing all of this and unless I can convince Jim to run me in and fetch me later tomorrow afternoon (football interrupt-tus) I don't know if I'll be there.

Margaret stopped by yesterday morning and dropped these off.

Three quilts...all in a row.
After working on my Christmas Triangles some more, I loaded Margarets's first quilt top. Here's what DW is wearing for the next few days.

Not a very good pic, but you get the idea.
I was going to free motion these quilts, but after Margaret brought in her other quilt she had Linda B. quilt for her (and everybody ooohhhhddd and aaaahhhhddd about the quilting, which she did with her computer BTW) I'm rethinking that idea.

And...I did get the Christmas Triangles top done.

Christmas Triangles
BUT, it's not big enough (63"x85"). I knew it would be a smaller top; just enough to cover our mattress, and while it looks great the way it sits, I'm thinking I need a couple of borders on here. Ideas?

Must finish getting packed up. I have another little project I'm going to take along in case I get bored or frustrated with the t-shirts. I need to pull fabric for that and get outta here. Ta ta.

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