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Saturday, November 28, 2015


OMG...that quilt on the frame is about blinding! I'm using an Omni Peoni Pink thread in the top resulting in my having to use my side light when quilting. Without any light at all the top is bright, but with any other additional lighting, it almost makes you dizzy.

I have about half of it done. I had to get away from it after a few hours!

This is what I did for the remainder of yesterday.

Christmas Wall Hanging
Diane (the creator of the original design) called this Tiny Baubles. I've modified the original design quite a bit because of the fabric I had available left over from the Christmas Triangles.

I'm debating on whether to quilt this on the long arm or just stick it under Mike. It only measures  about 29 x 34 1/2" and I think sticking it under the long arm may be overkill...but it sure would be faster!

Our local quilt shops are having sales to promote shopping small business Saturday. I want to run into The Hen House to see what they have going on and maybe hit Bee's if I have time. I'll work on Margaret's quilt when I get home while the guys are yelling at Spartan football on the TV--game time: 3:00.

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