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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Back in the Saddle

Once Jim left for work yesterday, I started getting back into my groove.

I took my t-shirt quilt off DW and completed it with a colorful binding. Here it is!

My T-Shirt Quilt
You can't see the quilting, but I love what I put into the quilt. It's called questionable question marks and I think this will be my go-to quilting motif when doing a t-shirt quilt.

About 10 years or so ago, I made a raggy flannel quilt for Andrew and his then finance, Horseyface. When they separated (thank goodness) the quilt was one of the few items she gave back to Andrew in the "divorce". It has been loved and used extensively since then and because of it's use, needed some hole repair done to it. I brought it back from Ohio with us last weekend and worked on fixing the 28 holes. Here it is after its repairs were completed.

Andrew's Rag Quilt
From there I started looking for a backing for mom's birthday quilt. My thoughts are when the batting finally gets here (which should be today) I can get just lay it out and start quilting it.

While prewashing the backing I selected for moms quilt, I started putting together our Christmas quilt. Katie gave me a pattern called Chopsticks a while ago and I'm converting it to a Christmas themed quilt for our bed. I don't know how many triangles I actually got done last night, but here's a few of them waiting for the next step.

Christmas Trees
I'll press, piece, and load moms back today, hope the batting arrives, continue with the Christmas Tree triangles, and jam to Pandora all while enjoying a cloudy day here in the studio.

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