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Sunday, November 1, 2015


This is what I was talking about the other day. I prepped the latest charity quilt to load on to DW. Prior to loading a top, I press the quilt out and try to get the peeking threads snipped off. This time, I kept all the snipped threads in a single pile. I started with a clean lint roller too and this is what was obtained after prepping the top.

Peek-y Poop

I'm just as guilty, but will become a bit more conscientious of my seams from this point forward.

This is the quilt DW is now sporting.

Gloria's Charity Quilt
Yes, I did ditch quilt around the "border" and it does make a difference when getting that border section stitched out. Just sayin'.

Today is small project Sunday! I picked out another project I thought I would work on today at the Marshall House yesterday afternoon, but I think what I had in my head yesterday is still going to be the go-to project for the day. I need something in the empty space in my bathroom and it's bugging the snot out of me.

Happy November 1!

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