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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's Thanksgiving Week!

Even with the holiday on its way, I still find the need to spend time in my happy place. I know I have lots to do around here in the cleaning/cooking arena, but can't resist finishing up some projects and enjoying my sewing solitude.

Here is Margaret's first quilt completed.

This one turned out very well and I'm pretty happy with it!

I loaded her second one yesterday morning with Jims help. It sure goes faster when you have four sets of arms and hands.

Margaret's Second Quilt
I found some new motifs in my ProStitcher and incorporated those in the borders. As long as I had the computer on, I checked out other new motifs that were downloaded when I did an update last week. I found some really cute meandering butterflies and started working with those in the body of the quilt. Before I knew it I was at the end of the quilt and here it is completed last night.

While DW was stitching along yesterday I chipped away at my Grinch Advent Calendar. Since the quilt above finished so quickly (although not easily since we were having some tension issues), I was able to also finish the Grinch.

Here he is.

Grinch Advent Calendar
If you look in the #1 date above, you'll see a little Grinch sticking out of the pocket. I have to pick up stuffing for him today since I'm plumb empty of fiber fill.

Yes, today is errand day. I have to run and pick up the little kid for the holiday weekend, and while I'm in town, have a list of other stuff to obtain. Mom is going to join me around noon and we're taking off after that so I only have a few hours in here this morning to "play".

Maybe I'll work on some blocks for Carol S. for the library display in February and March. I've picked out a dozen or so patterns I want to use and I have to pull additional fabrics to make them all work.

I will not load Margaret's last quilt until Friday. I'm really weird about cooking smells (and other smells for that matter) with customer quilts. I'll tuck her last quilt in the closet and close the doors so turkey and other Thanksgiving smells don't permeate her fabric while it would otherwise be hanging out on the frame.

I may get a little sewing time in tomorrow. I have to clean the house and prepare for Thursday. The rest of the kids (minus the Ohio gang) are going to be here tomorrow afternoon so probably won't be back until at least Friday.

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  1. You could take the quilt and put it in a bag ( or tub) with a bar of Dial ( ORIGINAL) soap. It works really well :)