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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Busy Day

Christmas Triangles
Here they are on the design wall. I don't know if I'll get to them today, but it's fun having stuff up there to brighten up the room.

I was able to get these up and worked out because I decided to let DW's computer quilt out Celtic Solstice. I had a design in mind, practiced it out a few dozen times and felt comfortable with the muscle memory. At the last minute (literally, while I was pulling up my first bobbin thread), I decided to check the computer to see if there was something similar to use. And, there was!

When DW quilts out the quilt, I still have to stay in the room. I have to monitor what he's up to (puckers, thread messes), keep an eye on those bobbin threads, and be mindful of each of the sides when he gets close to them. But, I can still work in here while doing so.

After getting the Christmas Triangles on the wall, I started messing around with Andrew's t-shirts. I decided these were going to be about 20" square and started framing in a few to get started.

Framing the beginning pieces
I know I don't need to totally frame all of them, but if I become too obsessed with these things, I over think it. I got the first four completely framed and will work the partials from there when the design wall becomes available again.

Between projects, I took a video of DW quilting with the computer, but decided it was too boring and ended up deleting it. I thought I would be able to get all the quilting done yesterday, but this was not to be the case; I still have two rows to go. I'm quilting in two row sections and know that it takes about an hour and a half for each section. I didn't want to stay in here until 10:00 last night, so I shut him down and will start there first thing this morning.

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  1. oooo I'm enjoying your Christmas triangles - can't wait to see it finished :)