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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Not Enough

As if sewing with my friends most of yesterday wasn't enough, I came home and parked myself in front of Mike and started quilting the Green Tea table runner. By the time the game was over and MSU declared the winner over Ohio State (miracle) I just about had the table runner done.

A few trims and squaring up and here it is.

Green Tea Table Runner
As you can see, I still have to attach the binding, but this turned out so cute! Easy as pie to construct and it'll look good on our Thanksgiving table this year.

It's Sunday, but this is actually our Monday. Jim has to work today and I have to as well. Christmas projects are flying in from all directions (all of a sudden) and I feel like I had a great nights sleep with the highway being very quiet from the storm yesterday. A total of 10" of snow was measured this morning on our back deck. It certainly is pretty in the sunshine this morning!

I'll start the day with some long arming and boogie on from there.

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