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Monday, November 9, 2015

Quilting Time

I seem to be lacking in my quilting time of late. The trip to Arizona set me back a few, the class with Sue Patten set me back some more, and then this trip to Ohio pushed me back even further. Not that I'm on any crazy deadlines, but hey, it's quilting time, right?

Autumn is the unofficial beginning of quilting season and I seem to be missing it. I. don't. like. that!

We have a crazy busy weekend coming up (again) and it'll take me even further away from working in here. .

But, I was able to get a few things done prior to our Ohio trip. I would have posted all these up before leaving but our computer modem took a tank (we thought it was a mouse in the phone house down the road). Here's the Faux Double Wedding Ring table runner.

Faux Double Wedding Ring Table Runner
This is what is currently on DW.

My T-Shirt Quilt
It's actually all quilted out now (I finished it up Thursday afternoon), but I haven't pulled it off the frame yet.

While I was quilting last week, we had a rush of storms run through the area. After a few days, the skies cleared and became so very blue. During the afternoon, while filling my bobbin, I noticed one small, lone cloud scootch across the sky and I thought it pretty.

Today was moms birthday. The Row by Row quilt needed to be picked up, Jim had a dentist appointment, and then we got to take mom out to lunch and to do some shopping, I am finally back home for a few days. Yeah.

I picked up a few more projects for this winter, some wide backing for the king-sized tops sitting in the closet, and have the Christmas Triangle quilt I started cutting out before we left to start piecing.  I'm waiting for the batting to arrive for mom's birthday quilt (she picked out the pattern and fabric) and once it gets here (tomorrow???) I'll get that on the frame next. The T-Shirt quilt needs to come off and get bound and the basement bedroom needs to be painted (oh wait, that's not a quilting function. Why did I even mention that?) Much to work on this week.

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