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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Deer Hunting

The hunting season around here is similar to a holiday. We have lots of people in and out of the place, there's a sense of togetherness (whether you hunt or are the spouse of a hunter), and there's lots of food.

Jim got his buck, Ben did not, and I got a lot done (since the DIL was "sick" on the couch with her new pregnancy).

This took all morning to load! It's 102" square and the backing needed pre-washing before getting it on the frame (it's a bright kelly green and I was concerned about bleeding later on). I figured I had better get one of these Bonnie Hunter quilts completed before I again attempt this years mystery quilt.

2013 Mystery Quilt-Celtic Solstice
I'm debating on whether to set the computer loose on this thing and just let it run, or to just free motion the bugger myself. I have a few minutes to decide this while I'm finishing my blog.

After getting this loaded I wanted to get the piece below completed and out of the way. It's not actually "finished" yet 'cause I have to mount it onto foam core board, but it's temporarily hung where it's going to live permanently. Do you see the mini dresden and the embellishments I added to the right side of the piece? Neutrals are so fun to work with and are so forgiving!

First attempt at embroidery
I enjoyed doing the hand work and have already started my second one.

After the embroidery piece was completed, I dove into my triangles for our Christmas quilt. I sewed, and checked for deer. Sewed some more, and kept checking for deer (to let Ben know if any were headed his way). I talked on the phone while sewing and before I knew it, all the triangles were framed in.

Ready for the wall
Before Jim and I took off for the store to replenish all the food we consumed over the weekend, I pressed these out and am now ready to play on the design wall after I long arm a bit this morning.

Andrew's t-shirt quilt has been ignored for some time. I should probably start planning it out since the sashing fabric arrived last week. I also have some homework to do for next months Stitchers Garden AND I have yet to start pulling fabrics for the next Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. Let us not forget the challenge quilt for our guild too. I finally have an idea bouncing around in my head and will think on this for another day or so before drawing it out. Apparently Carol already has hers done so I'm feeling like a big, fat Santa slacker!


  1. your embroidery looks great! I thought you had already quilted that BH mystery quilt... are we going to get to see it finished next week? Doing her new mystery was on my consideration (mental) list, but I'm going to pass again - I'm really just not into mystery projects, especially when I have so many here already waiting to be finished or even started. Yes, I have my challenge for the guild done lol... wish I could show you, but you just have to wait :)

  2. No, I have the tops done, but not the quilting on both of the mystery quilts. I hope to bring Celtic Solstice on Thursday, but we'll see what today brings. I want to see your challenge!!!!!