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Friday, November 27, 2015


It's time to get out the Christmas decorations. We generally make it a family affair the evening of Thanksgiving and the day after. This year followed suit with Christmas music playing in the background and willing boys to help move the living room around to accommodate the upcoming festivities.

While I was preparing our Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday, I was able to sneak in here intermittently and prepare two more blocks for our guilds' block contribution during the quilt show. I did three blocks in all (I have so many other things I want to do right now so three was my limit). Want to see them?

There they are. All Three!
That's mean not to show them in their entirety. I didn't show them yet because they are all packed up nicely and ready to deliver at next weeks meeting. Before I leave for the meeting I'll spread them out and get a pic.

This morning, after decorating the house for Christmas, I started loading Margarets third quilt. I just finished loading (lunch break wedged its way in there) and here's what DW is wearing today.

Margaret's third Strip Therapy quilt.
Pink. Not my favorite color so I want to get this on and off quickly. Looks like a giant bottle of Pepto hanging around in the studio.

The backing fabric arrived today for our Christmas Triangles top. I took a look at it and it will definitely need prewashing prior to getting it under the long arm. I'll work on that while I'm quilting "pinky" here.

I've decided the wall hanging that pairs with our current bed quilt will not work well with the Christmas Triangles quilt. I need to make a wall hanging to match. I rummaged around my magazines from previous months/years and found a nice ornament one that would work nicely. It's designed by Diane Harris (QM Interactive Editor) whom I've worked with in the past, which explains why I like the design.

I have enough left over fabric from the triangle construction to incorporate into the wall hanging. So Yeah!

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