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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mom's are the Best!

My mom doesn't Facebook or blog or really do much on the internet. She can barely traverse her iPhone. She won't see this post, but perhaps somebody who knows her will share my thoughts/feelings about what an amazing woman she truly is.

Yesterday, while the guys were out picking up drywall with moms truck (since mine is no longer here), she hung out here with me in the studio. I wanted to give her a fun project to do while I was working on the Pepto quilt. I know she loves to work with colors and while she is so not a textile person, she is very artistic and her use of colors is amazing.

I showed her this.

My next large project after all my BOM's for 2015 are completed.
I said, "Mom, I love the colors the author used in the cover pic, but I would rather do a black background since Katie already did it with white." (And we all know how much I love to work in black).

She asked a few questions. She looked briefly looked through the book and within an hour she had all the fabrics selected.

Moms fabric selection
And, if I know my mother at all, she'll remember what exactly she did today and will find other fabrics for me during her holiday shopping excursions to add to the pile even more. She remembers colors well and I'm surprised just how spot-on she is without having anything to go on other then her memory.

Pepto is done! I didn't snap a pic of it completed because I couldn't get it out of here fast enough!

After the game, the boys decided to start hanging all the drywall they picked up before the game. I would have felt guilty sitting in the family room playing on my device while they were working so I decided to start in on the borders for Christmas Triangles.

Before we all stopped last night, the guys had one wall hung downstairs, and I had all the borders on the top. I still need to pre-wash the backing fabric (which I'll do once my daily load of laundry is done) and get the quilt loaded before we have to return the little kid back to school later today.

Christmas Triangles hanging out waiting to get loaded (with Pepto in the background). 
We did run to The Hen House yesterday and I have finally obtained a backing fabric for my Stitcher's Garden. I'm so glad because I'm sick of shifting this top around from room to room to make sure it doesn't get folded until it's quilted.

Today is Sunday and I should probably start working on my Christmas wall hanging for the guild party. I came up with an idea in my tiny little head, but for some reason it's just not fully lighting my fire. Maybe I need to research this some more this morning and see what else I come up with?

I got a late start blogging this morning because Connecting Threads is having a huge sale on notions today. I shopped for an hour (or more) and found some really useful things on my wish list for at least half off. Jim gave me the green light to add them all to my cart (including 505 at $6.05 a can). Must get busy doing something productive and less chatty out here in cyber land.

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