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Monday, November 23, 2015

I Couldn't Resist

I had to run out and shoot some pics with the beautiful snow before it leaves us in a few days.

From the back deck

Further from the back deck

From the studio window facing SE

From the other studio window looking almost due east
I actually did get quite a bit done yesterday.

1) Margarets first quilt is quilted! I'll include pics of that tomorrow since I began writing this morning prior to getting it off the frame.

2) The table runner is completed.

Green Tea!
3) My homework is done for December's Stitchers Garden class.

4) I began my Grinch Advent Calendar and got a good start on it prior to closing down at 8:30 last night.

5) I put an order in at Connecting Threads for backing fabric for the Christmas Triangles. I was going to purchase from the shops in Charlotte, but at $11.49 a yard for wide backed fabric, I couldn't resist the savings.

Plus, I ordered the book Katie was working with this weekend (Farmer's Girl Vintage...or something like that) for a later project that I think would be nice to get into the fair. Maybe for our newly planned winter retreat some of the girls are working on?

Today I'll load Margaret's second quilt and, depending on Jim's work schedule, may try to get it done yet this evening. I'll continue on with the Grinch too and see where we end up with time.

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