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Monday, November 2, 2015


Last week I forgot to mention DW's newest bling. Since I have tattoo's, I thought it only appropriate that the guy I spend most of my days with also have some tattoo's. Here's what DW received after our Sue Patten class experience.

DW Tattoo's
Yesterday was inspiration day. Here was the inspiration.

Old Cross Stitch Pattern
I had made this little guy at one point, but I think all of the moves over the years pretty much conked him out. It's a cross stitch pattern (credit due to Kits for Kids by the New Berlin Co.) I thought it was cute and kept it around to re-do someday.

Since my passion is now quilting, and not cross stitching, I wanted to reproduce it that way. Here is what we now have in the empty spot in the bathroom.

I utilized some of what I learned in our Stitcher's Garden class to embellish Mr. Pig and drew all the parts out to soften up the hack-y cross stitch feel. Originally, I was going to piece each of the squares together but decided since I don't do well with tiny pieces (my name is not Bill) this would be a better option.

After finishing this out I started my November Arcadia Avenue block and started feeling icky again towards the early evening hours. I swear it's this house. I was fine on Saturday (we were gone most of the day) and then not so fine yesterday.

Today is beginning with a medium range headache and my sinuses are banging away, but that's not going to stop me. I have too much fun in here to let a little sickness get me down. Gloria's quilt needs to be quilted. I need to finish the Arcadia Avenue block. Craftsy BOM has been posted for November.  Just to start off my week.

It's a beautiful fall day outside with the sun shining in the studio so away we go.

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