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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


My day was cut short yesterday for two reasons. One: We needed to run errands since we weren't home last weekend to do so. Once we returned home, I did start making some triangles, but then the second reason came into play. One of the things Jim was doing after our return home was hanging curtains in our guest bedroom.


Without going into a lot of detail about my past (and this is what drives my belief), curtains to me say: "Keep out". "Not welcome here". "Gloom". "Dank". "Depressing". Others like curtains. Others can't seem to be in a house without curtains. I'm just the opposite. I love the natural light from not only the sun, but the evening moonbeams as well. And, quite honestly, who the hell is going to look in my windows anyway? The deer? We live in the fricken country where the only people who would care to even look into the windows go screaming by my house so fast they really couldn't see anything if they wanted to.

Why did we hang curtains then? Because some of the quilts waiting to be quilted get put on the spare bed. The light shines through that south facing window and sunlight and cotton fabrics are evil enemies. And, our guests have requested them. So, there you go.

Soapbox end.

I did get half of moms quilt quilted before leaving yesterday. I'm putting a wandering paisley and hook into the piece to soften the sharp angles of the blocks.

Moms quilting
Here's the triangle project laid out while I'm constructing it. I need to remember to pick up another yard or so of Fairy Frost by Robert Kauffman tomorrow in Portland because I'm using it as the background fabric.

Christmas Triangles
Didn't I just talk about the sun and cotton fabrics? Thankfully, the sun isn't out much this time of year to really do that much damage, AND, these don't hang out in this spot for more then a week anyway.

Today I hope to finish mom's quilt and plug away at more triangles. Since I'm taking another year of the Stitchers Garden class I have to round everything up for tomorrow. So excited to be going back to Portland!

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  1. you NEED curtains... you never know when some pervert/peeping tom will pop up :)