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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Intricate Quilting

After finishing Gloria's charity quilt (and I forgot to snap a pic before packing it up), I wandered into the closet to pick out my next quilting victim. I was looking for the guild BOM tops to get onto DW when I stumbled upon something I made a while ago.

Oddly, I think this is similar to, or the actual Faux Double Wedding Ring Carol and I sent away for from Quilt in a Day. I won't show you the front of the table runner I made because it isn't done yet, but here's some of the quilting detail I put into it from the backside.

Double Wedding Ring Quilting Detail
I know this is a crappy pic, but with the sun shining so bright today, it's hard to get all the quilting detail to show.

No, I did not do this on DW. The runner was small enough to get under Mike and I wasn't going to spend the time loading it on the big frame when I could just as easily get it under my DSM.

Today I'll finish this and THEN maybe I'll get those other BOM tops put onto the long arm. After that, who knows?

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