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Friday, July 3, 2015

I Wanna Go Shopping! Me Too!

The "prize" I received from my RxR entry was obtained today. I have just returned home after 3 hours at The Hen House picking out fat quarters for the pattern I selected to do. Here they are!

Fabrics for Radiant Suns
I know they don't look like they really go together all that well, but with the assistance of Wendy, Carol, and Elise, we narrowed the 45+ bolts down to these 35 FQ's, and believe me, this is going to be a way cool quilt!

Yesterday I finally did my June Arcadia Avenue BOM. It's called Circling Geese and it's one of the lesser piece counts at 96.

June Arcadia Avenue
I'm really, really not happy with my newer-ish iron. If you take a close look at the block above, a spot of orange can be seen on the white fabric (of course, it had to pee on the white). Ugh! It seems to be developing incontinence like the Rowenta iron retired earlier last winter. Does anybody make an iron to last, or one that battles common water impurities? Yes, they do. But the Reliable brand iron I want (found at Gall Sewing) is more then I can probably conjure Papa into springing for. Double Ugh!

I also worked on my Selvedge blocks a while before taking off to guild. I still have the orange to work on today and I'll put the orange, yellow, and purple pieces together yet this afternoon.

I did remember to pick up the batting for Total Eclipse while at the Hen House so perhaps I will get to that yet today depending on how long it takes to get the selvedge blocks together.

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  1. Well, when I was ranting about "destroyed" fabric and "waste of my time" along with tears, I got another sewing machine. Sometimes our spouses look at what we do as even more important than we do. (DH says I'm happier when sewing and a happier me without a doctor's bill is worth every penny!) Torry