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Friday, July 24, 2015

All my bags are packed...

...and I'm ready to go. I'm standing here outside my door; just waiting for Margaret to run by and pick me up.

Leaving for Quilt Camp 2015
I love quilt camp! Can you tell?

The projects slated for this year are:

1) A charity panel quilt for the VA
2) Arcadia Avenue July and August BOM's
3) Selvedge triangles and
4) Radiant Suns (aka the Twirly Quilt)

Number four may not be worked on despite my having cut, and cut, and cut some more pieces out to do it during camp. It depends on whether I can locate a 1/4" foot for Mike or not. The utility foot I have for him lacks easy curved piecing and Jay is much better at that function. I'm thinking if I could locate a more narrow foot for Mike it may make it easier.

I also have to find (during our shop hop on the way up today), 32 tiny bells for the Christmas Tree piece I did last week at sew in, a star button for the top of that tree, and a 24" heavy duty zipper for another project I picked up at Around the Block last week. A few patterns I have here are calling for something called Timtex (???) Not sure what that's about, but apparently I need a total of about 2 yards of the stuff.

Meanwhile, I have to go and finish getting last minute things around from here. See you back here on Tuesday morning sometime.

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