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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Have you ever committed to something for somebody and later regret committing to that something you said you'd do?

Sometimes I feel that way. A number of folks approached me over the retreat weekend for things they would like me to do and of course, I gladly said yes. Yesterday I was not feeling so generous. I think it was post-retreat syndrome or something. I was so tired and worn out that even these two pillow cases was all I could muster out of my energy level.

But, today, I'm back to my springy self and no longer have those regrets. I wonder if just taking a step back and getting away from what's bothering you is all it takes to get over the "bad" feelings and back into the good graces of life.

Now I'm a philosopher, right? Ha!

New Pillow Cases
When I ran down to The Marshall House yesterday to get the fabric for these pillow cases, the table there with all the books on it was calling my name. I have so many books around here already about quilting the last thing I really needed was another book to give me more to do.

Well, I bought another book. It's actually written for kids (I'm a big kid, right), and the projects are pretty simplistic and wouldn't take much time. But I have those commitments I talked about earlier and so must remember to always do what I say I'll do. I'm kind of funny about that. If I tell somebody I'm going to do something, I DO IT!

A few of what I committed to earlier last week was some quilting for guild members. That was my first commitment. I shall start there. But before I can long arm I need to finish those Beachy Bovines hanging out (still) on DW and so today we'll spend the day on the big machine and knock out some of those to-do's on that list.

Let's turn on the lights, the machine, and the tunes and have a great time in the studio today!

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