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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Skip a Day

It's a rare day that goes by without me having at least did a little something in the studio. Sunday was a true "no studio" day. I did solicit the help of the kids and my mom to select my fair entries (thank goodness that's done) but other than that, nothing else.

Yesterday, after doing our "reunion chores", I was able to get in here after Papa went to get his load. This is what DW is wearing today.

Total Eclipse in the quilting works

One of the quilted stars
After I did some long arming for a time, I realized that if I finished the quilting, I was going to have to pull the quilt off and complete the binding, which I really didn't want to do until returning from camping next weekend. Well, the quilting is finished and surprisingly, I just left it on the frame. It's out of the way there, dad really loves this piece and so he can admire it during his stay for a few days.

I have a second set of blocks to do for our guild BOM and I started cutting those. I'll get those put together today and perhaps redo the block that was bofunk from last weeks attempt.

No reunion chores today but tomorrow is a different story. After picking up the boys we'll have plenty to do to gear up for our trek northward.

Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy [another] rainy day here in the studio and see where the waters take me.

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