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...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I dunno

I don't know where I'm headed today. Total Eclipse did not get loaded yesterday for two reasons: 1) Jim's cousins stopped by for most of the afternoon and 2) I want to put a nice batting in the quilt (rather then my "everyday" batting) and I would have to break down a queen-size bat (all I have in my inventory) to do this. I'll pick up a smaller bat tomorrow at The Hen House.

Beachy Bovines was completed between the cousin visit. I could probably get that on the long arm since it's a smallish little quilt?!?

Beachy Bovines
Dale informed me last week that at one point my BOM for the guild is going to require some intensive block building. With that information she indicated I needed to stay on top of my blocks so I won't feel so overwhelmed. I think I need to do those for this month so it's not hovering over my head. I'm doing two color ways so I have even more work ahead of me.

I'm feeling kind of cranky today. It's been a trying few days with Jim's family and lack of communication/scheduling. The DeGroot Reunion is coming all too fast. We have a lot of work in store after this weekend and it seems the boys are less then enthusiastic or helpful this year about all of it, which puts it all on our shoulders (again).


  1. Those bovines came out sooo cute!!

  2. I love their sunglasses! This was a really fun pattern to do! Thank you!!!!