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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Half Way

I pretty much thought my Dale BOM's would take a day or two, but I'm finding out it's taking longer then I thought. I'm only half way done after spending 12 diligent hours in here yesterday.

Probably because the first color way is kind of a "wing it" sort of thing. I knew what I wanted to do in my head, but to actually pull the fabric and make the correct tones of color work is another. Thankfully I have a pretty decent stash of fabric to choose from and was able to pull everything together, although, not in a very timely manner.

The first block in the pic below is the focus (and center) block of the first color way being done. I love how it turned out and a big thank you to Jim for helping me choose the correct values in color to make this an amazing block!

Blocks 4, 5, and 6-1st Color Way
On to the second color way today, which goes much easier since there are really only three colors involved. Then, maybe, I can start cutting for camp this evening once these are all completed; and Beachy Bovines doesn't seem to be getting done by itself either.

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