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Friday, July 31, 2015

Happiness Is...

...Running out of bobbin thread on the long arm right after you pull up the last stitch! Just saying.

Finally, Beachy Bovines is complete! Including the hanging sleeve and tacking down thereof.

Beachy Bovines
This quilt makes me smile. How can it not?

After I completed this piece I had some "homework" to do for our guild meeting last night. Dale wanted me to share my Quilt U stuff to tie it into our 'new blocks from old' series. While rummaging through my shelves to locate said blocks, I found three unfinished pieces I made during Quilt U using the pinwheel block as a basis.

I quickly finished, layered, basted, quilted, and finished this little table runner to show at our meeting.

A little Disappearing Pinwheel table runner
I haven't done much in the studio today. The little kid and I did some errands this morning and I found a little gem at our local Hospice house. I'll get pics of it tomorrow after I get through discovering exactly what I did find. I'm not entirely sure yet, I just know the price was right and I snapped it up before somebody else realized what the possibility was here.

After we got home and had a bite to eat, the beans in the garden were calling my name. Those had to be put up and most of the afternoon was spent in the kitchen. Fresh is better after all.

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