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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Going Quilt Camping

We don't actually "camp" per se, but rather we gather together and power sew for four days straight. Well, I sew for four days, a few others leave a day earlier on Sunday to head back to reality. I have the opportunity to stay the extra day and enjoy the company of fellow quilting friends, and for that I am very grateful!

I finished my Dale BOM's yesterday in the very late afternoon. Here's the second color way.

2nd Color Way for Blocks 4, 5, and 6
Those went together much quicker since yellow, white, and gray are easier then trying to assimilate the color wheel.

On to power cutting. Here's where I ended yesterday evening.

Power Cutting
I don't actually cut with my scissors. They just happened to be there when I shot this pic this morning. I actually use my handy rotary cutter on all these templates.

I have 48 of each of these to cut, and then I need to pack and get ready to go. I'm not sure what time I'm leaving in the morning; I'm being picked up (I hope) and I have no idea when they are planning on fetching me. I'll have to ask tonight at guild.

And, at guild tonight, it's our Round Robin Row by Row Reveal (say that three times real fast). A few were revealed last week, but the bulk of them will be this evening. I'm excited to see the rows I created inserted into other quilts, but moreover, a few of the quilts coming tonight have never been seen by others. It should be fun.

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