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Monday, July 13, 2015

The Fun Begins

I love our family! All the work preparing for the DeGroot Reunion is so worth it when you come away from the wonderful weekend we just had the privilege to be a part of! But I'm glad we can resume back to our "normal" life now.


After coming home to a surprise from Ben and Alisha (they were [again] working on our floor upon arrival since they were not in reunion attendance this year due to a wedding), we unloaded, washed, showered, and relaxed for a bit before my curiosity got the best of me. We headed to the Eaton County Fair to see how my quilt entries did in their showing this year.

The "Wanted" quilt built for our guild AQS challenge this year did nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. In fact, it was folded and laid so that it couldn't even be viewed. Which, I'm pretty bummed about.

Then I turned around and holy cow, what a surprise!

"Animal Whimsey" got a first in the appliqué division and "Squirmy Wormies" took a first in the child/kid quilt division.

Four first place ribbons hung on my quilts, and two of them had Best of Show ribbons on them. The "Beast" (or Amish Stars referred to previously) took overall Best of Show in the Pieced and Patchwork division, and "The First Snow" took Best of Show in the Other division. What a great surprise!

It was a pleasant surprise and a huge boost to my quilting confidence level too see my work doing well. The funny thing is, two of my entries I have in mind for next year are sitting right here with me in the studio. The Beachy Bovines would be cute for the wall hanging division and of course, Total Eclipse would show well in the Pieced and Patchwork. Thankfully, I can honestly show them next year since they won't be completed within the the years' allowed time for entry.

And now I can relax and enjoy the rest of the summer. Sew-in is this coming weekend! Quilt camp is the weekend after and there are not too many pertinent deadlines for quilts in my immediate future. Whew! Breath. Smile. Enjoy. Repeat.

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