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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What Happened?

I was going to take my own pillow to camp with me. When I grabbed it off the bed I discovered this under where I lay my hands.

Big shredded hole
What's interesting about this is that the rings I usually wear in the winter (with all the sharp edges) I take off in the summer months. And...when I washed this pillow case earlier last week, this was not what I took down from the clothesline.

We are not sure exactly what happened here to make my pillow case shred like this. Jim's pillow case is fine and I'm at a total loss for why this would suddenly occur.

I have a "temporary" case on my pillow now and it bothers me so much to not have the cases matching I need to get replacement pillow cases made and soon. The Marshall House still has some of the fabric in stock from the quilt we made with our wonderful wool batting in it (and, by the way, have not been hot at all under it during our latest warming trend) and so buzzed down there this morning to pick that up.

I did some shopping while I was out, found some other supplies, and then came home to grab some lunch. On to pillow case production.

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