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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I don't mind cleaning the house. I'd just rather be in my studio working on something a bit more meaningful then dusting or scrubbing bathroom toilets. The problem with not cleaning is that I sit in my studio thinking about the cleaning I should have done this morning prior to coming into the studio.

Here's the deal. I clean for 20-30 minutes each morning. What I get done is it. No more. If I finish earlier then my 20 minutes, bonus! The house is meant to be comfortable and lived in. We are farm folk and not the Better Homes and Gardens police. Visitors have commented on how relaxing and comfortable our house is and this is how I plan on keeping in that way.

Yesterday I finished my July Stitchers Garden work. This was probably one of the longer months since I had to tear those six small blocks out two or three times. And, our homework for August was three long blocks, crosshatched on the diagonal, with a lot of appliqué blocks to draw on our fusible web. I ended up not doing bobbin work on the small blocks and instead substituted rickrack on the sides with embroidery work around each flower.

July Stitchers Garden Blocks
I started Dales BOM after the Stitchers Garden work was done. We have a lot of homework there too and I don't really want to take it to camp to work on so I'll tackle those today (and probably tomorrow since there is so much to do). At some point I need to get my cutting done for camp and now that's looming over my little head. Feeling a little overwhelmed.

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