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Thursday, July 2, 2015


I completed Dale's BOM yesterday. It took most of the day? I didn't even do the second set (I'm overachieving and doing two quilts instead of one) because I started feeling so, well, blah. Jim and Caleb have been fighting a summertime cold and I think yesterday I was too. I hope not because I really need to be fit for the reunion.

I feel a little fuzzy today, but hopefully I'll perk up as the day progresses. Maybe getting so rambunctious with the RxR put me into a downward state. Who knows?

I'm running into town early today (hopefully) to pick up my "prize" fabric from the RxR challenge. I have decided on the pattern Radiant Suns to use with the winning fabric and since my batik stash lacks a lot of color, this should be the perfect solution.

No pics today since yesterday was a wash.

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