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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I love to learn new things. Even if I'm attending/participating in a class I know I probably have very little to gain, I keep an open mind and will always find something new to glean from it. It may be a little tip or grain of information to make my life easier, but either way, I benefit. 

Craftsy recently released a new 6-month BOM. The class is free, but they recommend purchasing the kit to participate in the class. People were complaining about the cost ($69). Really? Really? Are you kidding me? 

The quilt is going to finish at 69"x69" and is done totally in batiks. For easy math, that equates to about 4 yards of fabric. At $10 a yard (which is a really inexpensive price to pay for batiks), the cost of the material alone for this quilt is $40. It also includes the binding fabric as well as the instruction to make the very striking quilt. People were grousing about the cost. Our instructor isn't worth the additional $29 for her time?

Okay, enough ranting. Anyway, I signed up, got my package delivered (of course, while we were at the reunion), and here they are all pre-washed, pressed, labeled, and ready to go. 

Craftsy BOM 2015
Each month it looks as though we'll be doing more then just one block. July alone has four, but they appear to be smaller-ish in size so the time shouldn't be too daunting.

Speaking of BOM, I noticed on our guild calendar we have a BOM set due this coming Thursday so the remainder of yesterday was completing the other color way I selected to do Dale's quilt. 

Guild BOM
I had a computer update this morning so had to wait until it was completed to blog. While waiting, I have taken Total Eclipse off DW and will (hopefully) get Beachy Bovines on there today. Meanwhile, I have been researching irons again. It appears my newish one is still under warranty and will need to exchange it for a new iron. It peed all over my planning/ironing table yesterday and I can't continue to have it doing that especially when working with so much white fabric lately. 

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