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Monday, July 20, 2015

Christmas in July

I took my Stitchers Garden homework to sew-in on Friday. I got as much done on the large block as I could there, attempted the six small blocks (unsuccessfully) and then ran out of anything to do because Laura was being a butt.

I toddled over to The Hen House to find something else to work on and picked up this little project. It actually took me the rest of Friday and most of Saturday morning to complete. In fact, I don't think I finished it until an hour after our lunch break. I still have to embellish it with bells and garland...and a cute star button for the top, but here's the basic tree.

Skinny Tree
Once I returned home I found myself still in a quilting mood. I then finished the Stitchers Garden large block on Mike and then started ripping out all the stitches (bobbin work) Laura totally hosed up at sew-in. I didn't come out of the studio until around 10:00. A couple of things about bobbin work:

1) Laura does not like it
2) Invisible thread is a bitch to tear out
3) I'm not going to attempt it again until I can get one of my machines to agreeably do it
4) I think drop-in bobbins are not the way to go with this type of sewing

I have to do something with these six small blocks today yet I'm at a loss for what exactly to do with them. I'm wondering if rick rack may be a solution, or perhaps my free-motion couching foot?!

I have to start cutting my fabric for camp soon. I know we are going to be really, really, really limited on space (we have 32/33 coming at the last count) and space for about 24 comfortably is the target number. It's going to be cramped and I want to eliminate the need for spreading out (like I have a tendency to do), and precutting everything seems like the logical thing to do prior to departure on Friday.

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