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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bobbin Work and Bovines

Beachy Bovines is on DW. This is continuing to be quite a fun quilt to create. It's freeing to be able to add artistic elements to the quilt through the quilting process and this one is no exception!

Beachy Bovines
Our Stitchers Garden class is scheduled earlier then usual this month. Later today I'll be taking off to attend and today's subject is bobbin work.?????

Bobbin work (from what I understand) is sewing heavier thread/floss/yarn/whatever through the bobbin rather then through the needle. What? It should be interesting. And, from what I understand, I can actually also do this type of work on DW using a special bobbin work foot. Hmmm...

The binding is attached to Total Eclipse on the front side, but because I have decided to hand stitch the back of the binding down on this one, won't have a pic for a little while. It'll probably end up going to guild for the next two weeks and then on to quilt camp for the finish. Look for it in early August. 

Totally new experience yesterday. For the first time ever on my long arm I broke a needle. I knew it was just a matter of time before having such an experience and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was completely my fault in that I thought after having done Total Eclipse (a smaller-ish quilt) I would have enough "use" out of the heavier gauge needle for the heavier needle work required in Beachy Bovines. (I'm using two totally different weights of thread, therefore two totally different needles should be used). 

Moral of the story; change your needle after EVERY quilt, regardless! And, a lighter needle does not work (well) for those heavier threads and vice versa. Lots of tension issues and snapping thread when attempting. FYI. 

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