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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Two for One

After working on my daily blocks,

August 24-30
I started to load the first of two charity quilts. This proved to be very interesting.

Enough Batting?
I had one batting, one backing, and two quilts. The batting looks short to me from this angle.

Left Side

Right Side
And these are how close the sides are. 

DW's latest
After some creative manipulation, I started in.

After a few hours it was now time to load the second quilt right behind the first. 

Less then an inch apart
This is my plumb line running right next to the first quilt. I could not afford any waste since I was pushing the envelope with space anyway.

Short, short, short
As you can see, this is how much batting I didn't have and just how close to the backing came to the second top. Now what?

I had to insert a second piece of batting from my stash with some creative sewing. (I actually did it by hand using a whip stitch). This took some time, but by 8:30 both quilts were quilted.

I was too tired and frazzled at that point to move along any further. I'll get the binding on later tonight after we get done loading our first moving load from moms.

Begin rant: It's frustrating when you provide your time and materials for these charity quilts and all they give you is grief. I was expecting this project to move along a little smoother then it did, but as you can see, it was a fight from the very beginning. And now I have to bind the @#$&*() things. I pieced one of these quilts myself, I made about 16 of the blocks within these quilts, and then I'm given square parts to fit into a round hole to finish them up? I may be thinking my charity days may be coming to an abrupt halt. End rant. 


  1. hmmmm and I was thinking that you should have been able to lay them side by side to quilt them.... guess I was thinking WRONG.... sorry :( Thanks for doing them for me; they look great :)

  2. They were laid side-by-side. I did them on the long edges to take advantage of the selvedge edge of the backing fabric.