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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cutting it Close

Long arming is so much fun! I'm glad DW and I got to spend some quality time together yesterday, but it got a little hairy at the end.

That's not 4 inches!
As longarmers, we request from our customers, an additional four inches of backing for the side and for the top and bottom of the quilt. This is NOT four inches! The tan color on top is the top of the quilt, and the cream color is the backing.

After pulling this quilt off, trimming threads, doing my billing, and gathering up the quilt for delivery, I started in on quilt #2 for this customer. Once again, we have border issues. And, I thought I had a queen-sized batt in my stash only to discover I didn't. I'll need to run to town today to remedy that so I can move along.

Aside from my BOD today, I haven't planned anything else. There are plenty of things for me to finish around here so this will probably be where I go for the day...finishing things.

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