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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Satan's Garden

This Stitchers Garden should be renamed Satan's Garden. Look how the border ended.

Not pretty, is it?
As much as I pushed and eased, this was about as good as it was going to get. Believe me, it was a LOT worse!

Here's where I started and this is where it ended on the measurement.

An inch and half? Really?
I scoured videos, help sites, professional quilting personnel. I pushed and eased till I was blue in the face. I actually removed a lot, a lot, a lot of stitches on this piece (which is usually a no-no for me). And, of course, once I took it off the frame this morning, it looks absolutely wonderful.

Why are we such critics? The customer will be ecstatic it's finally done and she will be none the wiser should I not point out these (to my eyes) serious issues. I do have to bring the holes to her attention since she was charged with the repairs, but nonetheless, I think she'll like it. I'm just glad it's going away today!

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