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Friday, August 19, 2016

Another WIP Completed

Actually, yesterday two of them were completed.

This is the first.

Giraffe for Tristan

This was the pile of fabric on my pressing table two days ago. I finished stuffing and closing him up at The Hen House yesterday afternoon.

The second project was this:

Hexagon and Pentagon Ball
I started this at camp a few weeks ago while watching the Olympics with the girls after sewing all day. Doing hand work later in the evening is always very relaxing!

Let's talk about tools. This particular tool was shown to us a few weeks ago and its many uses for creating half square triangles.

The Strip Tube Junior
I wish I would have had this thing when I started my BOD project since there are so very many HST's within each of the blocks. I can't wait to start using it and since its purchase, haven't had many HST's in my BOD's (now, doesn't that figure?).

I was able to start the binding on my paint chip challenge. I sewed the binding on prior to leaving in the afternoon, and then started hand stitching at THH after doing the ball and the giraffe. It'll take a while to get it all on so I'm glad I started it already.

Today I "played" with the girls at our monthly guild sew-in. I was able to get some of my Stitcher's Garden homework done and I got the border on the Zebra. After much deliberation, we (many of us) decided only the one thin, black border was sufficient. Anything else would take away from the Zebra itself and now the search begins for backing fabric for it.

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