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Monday, August 29, 2016

Coast to Coast

Saturday night found me in the throws of something a little new. I started with a piece of thicker-ish muslin, transferred a design, and then colored the design with crayons. The crayons are then heat set to prevent future bleeding. This is where I ended Saturday night.

Two already colored
The name of the series is called "The Mystery of The Salem Witches' Quilt Guild". I have the first three patterns in the series and when Carolyn gets the fourth one in, she'll save it out for me and let me know it's ready to come and get. I absolutely love this so far!

As much as I wanted to just stay here yesterday and continue to work on my witches, mom decided it would be a great day to go to the lake. Summer is nearing its end and spending a warm, sunny day at the beach sounded good before her "big move" on Wednesday. Here's where we spent most of yesterday.

Lake Michigan
While we were playing in sand and water, Caleb was out west saying hello, once again, to our Saguaro cactus friends. They stand sentinel in the Sonoran Desert and while much smaller in stature, are just as majestic as our great lakes.

Sonoran Desert
Once we returned back inland and got mom back home, we made a slight detour into Charlotte to pick up two quilt tops for the Orlando victims. These need to be quilted, trimmed, and bound by Thursday, so once I get those BOD's caught back up, I'll dig right into those today.

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