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Friday, August 26, 2016

Three Vehicles

Not only did I drive three automobiles yesterday (rental car, Sherman, and Ghost), but I drove three sewing machines too (Jay, Mike, and Laura). It was a weird day.

This is what we completed in Portland yesterday during our Stitcher's Garden II class.

Blocks 5 and 7
I still have to compete block 11 (obviously we aren't doing these in block order) for homework, and today is probably the day to do that...unless Jim gets home earlier then we think...then we have to run Sherman back to Grand Ledge to get a head gasket replaced.

DW is currently naked and I'm debating on what to put on him next. I'm either missing batting (for the charity quilt I have sitting here), batting again (for Sharon's first quilt I'm doing for her), backing (Roberts deer quilt), or time (the other three customer quilts).

I want to keep DW fairly free to see what's going on with some other charity quilts that may be coming in. I'd like to just slip something fairly easy on him in case I need to help Carol R. with the two heart quilts that need to go to Orlando.

And not only is the truck very ill, it seems my phone is as well. The battery, this morning, all of a sudden just tanked, and now the dumb thing won't turn back on. Argh!

I received another round of block testing from Quiltmaker last night so after I get done with my BOD, so I'll start there and decide what to do after that.

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  1. I guess I need to get with you to hand over quilt top, batting & backing; Katie said she would do one, so if you can do the other one, I won't worry about getting them done in time for Meghan... I have fabric for at least one binding, too. I'll try and get both 'kitted' up tomorrow after I get back from the hospital. I really wanted to do at least one of them, but I still have a quilt on Mo'e waiting to be finished ( just need to do three borders, but just can't seem to find time).