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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The current quilt on DW is becoming a very frustrating adventure. Lot's of pulling on the piecers part, gaping holes in the piecing, and lots of easing in with the borders. What should have taken me a half day to accomplish took all day long...and, I'm only half way through the quilt.

And I'm supposed to make this look good?
Here are last weeks BOD's.

August 17-23
For some reason we have done two 6 1/2" blocks in blue. Not sure what's up with that?

I received another block to test for Quiltmaker last night, and we are supposed to head over to moms later today to pick up our peaches and to get crab apples for jelly. AND...Sherman (my new yellow truck) needs to go back in to the shop since it's still backfiring miserably.

I need to really get cranking in here this morning because it appears the rest of the day is shot.

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