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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


It's that time of year again. The time where all the crops are coming in and they have to be canned or frozen. Yesterday was blueberry day. 23 pounds in all and the freezer is quickly filling. Sunday we put up apple pie filling from the green apple tree on the property. Peaches are due in next Tuesday.

At least the BOD's are staying up to date. Here are last weeks:

August 10-16
Here are the dog beds we'll deliver (hopefully) later today. Six more!

Headed for the ECHS
After working on these two items yesterday, I started preparing for next years quilt fairy gifts (ordering supplies, watching videos, getting the pattern). This one will be a lot more taxing then years past and if I start getting ready now, perhaps the 30 or so I'll need for next year will be completed on time. It would probably be wise to select a day a week to work on them so I stay on task.

A rainy day ahead provides quality quilting today. DW still hasn't been turned on for a while and I think today may be the day we reconnect (again). It's Jims short day, but after being cranky yesterday about not being in here so much lately, I think he'll understand. I think he has things to deal with anyway...the basement flooded last night with our deluge of rain we received overnight.

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